Women clothes: How to choose the dresses that suit you?

Women clothes
Women who pay attention to fashion are attractive. (photo/pixabay)

Have you ever been disappointed after buying clothes from the market and told yourself “I can’t dress as I imagined” or “I don’t look fashionable”? Perhaps you felt this because your clothes do not match your body shape and character. Knowing objectively what kind of clothing suits you is the shortcut to being “fashionable.” Today we will see in this article how you can choose excellent and fashionable women clothes according to you.

Women who pay attention to fashion are attractive.

That’s why “I want to be fashionable!”

However, when I go shopping, I don’t know what kind of clothes suit me.
Maybe some people aren’t confident in choosing clothes.

Reasons for “I don’t know how to choose the clothes that suit me”

The first is a pattern where you are busy and don’t have time to buy clothes or read magazines. Those who are busy raising children and can’t go shopping, those who don’t understand the fashion, and those who have gone away from fashion because they spend their holidays at home in uniforms when working.

The second pattern is that I haven’t been interested in romance or fashion until now, but I have to become fashionable for various reasons. For example, you’re the type of person who needed clothes for marriage or changing jobs but was in trouble because you didn’t know the correct answer.

Tips for choosing clothes

First of all, let’s prepare simple items that can be used every day.

To T-shirts and denim, even in rough clothes that wore Parker,
fast fashion shops and brands of casual-oriented et al., Not eager you can buy.

You don’t have to go to the city; you can be near or in front of the station.

So I buy basic blouses and bottoms, cardigans and more. In particular, white blouses are prone to sweat and dirt, so you won’t lose even if you buy more than one.

You can also buy the combination of mannequins you like as it is or ask the clerk for recommended coordination.

Raise the hurdle little by little

Next, let’s wear the purchased items and go out to the city.

Even if you buy by imitating a mannequin, there are many cases where the coordination of mannequins is different for each store, and it is unlikely that you will see it with that kind of eye. You might even be told that it’s fashionable.

However, even if you continue to do so, you will not be able to mix and match. For the next shopping, if you want to add one to the clothes, you bought as a set. If you want to match this skirt.

Think about combinations with your own items

Go shopping and try on anything you are interested in.

At that time, it is also important to consider whether it is compatible with the things in your house.

You can only imagine if it fits on the spot, but if you think you can mix and match about 3 patterns, you can just buy it. Also, even if you buy it, it’s a waste if you don’t have the opportunity to wear it. Imagine if you have a chance to wear it.

Impulse buying on sale is dangerous

It is also important to be careful about shopping that emphasizes sales. This is also common, but impulse purchases on sale are likely to fail. Be careful not to buy without imagining the opportunity actually to wear it because of the price.

How to choose clothes for people who are good at shopping

What are the characteristics of a person who chooses clothes well? It’s about wearing basic items.

People who tend to fail in choosing clothes may have chosen a lot of items with strong designs depending on their mood at that time, increasing the difficulty of dressing. Even with a slightly unusual design, you can wear it in a well-balanced manner with simple items.

Combine well with basic items

Basic items are less influenced by trends so that you can use them for a long time. In addition, it is easy to match with various items, so the range of coordination naturally expands.

You can assemble fashionable coordination that matches the TPO by making the base firm and interweaving accent items.

It is also important to consider age

When buying clothes or thinking about coordination, it is important to make decisions based on age. It looks fashionable if you can make fashion that suits your age.

What do the people around you want from you, what kind of character you should play, and if there is a gap between you and your surroundings, you will be seen as a young man.

How to hone your fashion sense

It is possible to polish your sense. First of all, let’s actively touch on fashion.

If you don’t have time, you don’t have to force yourself to read fashion magazines.

It’s okay to incorporate similar items by referring to the coordination of fashionable people who pass each other on the train or in the city and people on TV.

Also, now you can easily check trends and designs online. You can quickly check the travel time, a short waiting time, and even while taking a half-body bath at home. It is important always to keep the antenna up to catch more and more information.

Sometimes it is necessary to rely on advice

It is also recommended to ask fashionable people for advice. If you are in a clothing store, you can take advice from them; you can ask different types of fashion-related questions. You may discover something different from going shopping on your own or with friends as you normally would.

Stylists do this when they go shopping!

Next, I would like to introduce some tips on “trying on”. If you don’t have enough time, you will buy them just by looking in the mirror, but it is dangerous to buy clothes without trying them on! Since I have experience in fitting shop staff, I would like to introduce “trying on” points.

About clothes when trying on

On the day when I plan to buy clothes seriously and try on a lot of clothes today, the best clothes are “you can see multiple patterns, your usual taste, and it’s easy to put on and take off. ” We recommend simple tops that go well with any outfit and skirts with elastic waists. And don’t forget to go with the standard shoes and bags that appear frequently.

On the other hand, what you want to avoid on the day you buy clothes is skinny denim, which is difficult to put on and take off, and dresses with a zipper on the back.

Bring a hand mirror

This is just a professional trick! If you bring a somewhat large hand mirror, you can check the back view by matching it with the mirror in the fitting room! I’m just worried about the impression from just before, but surprisingly, the back view is seen by others. You can prevent “It’s cute when viewed from the front, but the style looks bad when viewed from the back!”

People tend to make impulse purchases at the turn of the season, saying, “I have nothing to wear!” However, it doesn’t make sense if you increase the number of sheets and it doesn’t become a force! Find out what you need and fill your closet with “clothes you really want and think cute”

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