Winter skin care: How to take care of skin in winter

Winter skin care
Moisturizing your skin is very important, but overdoing it can cause more damage to your skin (photo/pixabay)

With the arrival of the winter season, concerns about their skincare increase in people’s minds, especially those who have dry skin. Winter is a dry season, people who have dry skin face a lot of difficulties in this season, and the same problem is with the rest of the people. People use different skincare products on their skin, but sometimes these skin care products do more harm than good to us. Today in this article, we will see how to take care of skin in winter and some safety measure.

What is your skin condition in winter?

In winter, the skin is exposed to harsh environments due to indoor drying, low temperatures, low humidity and heating. That is why skincare should be done more at this time than at the whole time of the year.

Normally, the skin’s surface is covered with a sebum film mixed with the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and the sweat secreted by the sweat glands. This sebum film protects the outermost surface of the skin barrier and is very important for the skin, but in winter, the amount of sebum secreted and the amount of sweating decreases compared to summer, so the sebum film is formed well. It will be gone. Then, keeping the moisture inside and the original role of protecting the stimulus from the outside can not be done, and it causes skin troubles such as rough skin and dryness.

Also, in winter, the skin’s surface temperature drops due to the cold, and it is an environment that is prone to poor blood circulation. Therefore, the inability to deliver sufficient nutrition to the skin can also lead to rough skin. Without nutrition, metabolism is disrupted, and ageing accelerates. In addition, the moisturizing ingredients of the skin are also produced by metabolism, which leads to dry skin. Old keratin is hard to peel off for skin with disturbed metabolism, so the keratin becomes thicker, and the skin loses moisture and becomes a non-transparent, stiff skin.

From December to January, both the public and private lives of people are full of busyness. In particular, at the end of the year, people are busy preparing for the holidays and celebrating them. Going to different types of parties and engaged in other holiday activities. Due to which due to busyness, they not only stress but also lack sleep, drink alcohol and eat different types of food, which are stressful for the body.

Points to remember

Whatever happens to your skin in winters is due to a lack of moisture and nutrition. Hence it is crucial to moisturize and nourish the skin in winters. This activates the skin cells. It is very important to take good care of the skin; otherwise, dryness can lead to spots, wrinkles, loose and rough skin.

Poor blood circulation causes the nutrients delivered from the capillaries to the skin cells to be delayed, causing metabolism to be disturbed. When caring for your skin, first give a light massage to promote blood circulation. Improving the flow of capillaries with a moderate massage enhances the metabolic function of the skin.

In winter, the skin tends to be very delicate due to dryness and decreased secretion of sebum, so be careful with cleansing and washing pigments to avoid irritation as much as possible. Soap that removes stains is too irritating, so it is safe to change to a milder cleanser. Cleansing and washing your face, which can be a burden on your skin, should be done gently in as short a time as possible.

After washing your face, you should give plenty of moisturizing care, but winter skin is dry and stiff, and moisture and beauty ingredients may not penetrate the skin. This is where booster oil comes in. Oil can be used to soften the skin and deliver the moisture and beauty ingredients of the lotion to the depths of the dead skin cells. There are various types of booster oil, but we recommend argan oil, which is easy to use and light. After applying lotion, be sure to supplement the oil with milky lotion or cream.

The order of skin care to be aware of in winter

For winter skincare, it is recommended to perform cleansing, face washing, booster oil, lotion, serum, milky lotion, and cream in this order. After gently cleansing and washing your face, booster oil can be used to soften the skin and enhance the effects of subsequent lotions and serums, so be sure to take it in. When using booster oil, you need to be careful about choosing it. The reason why any oil can be used is not so.

There are two types of oils: those that are highly hydrophilic and promote the penetration of water and those that are not hydrophilic and cover the skin. If you use highly hydrophilic oil in advance, it will penetrate the lotion and beauty essence used after the oil, but if you use a type of oil that closes the lid, an oil film will form on the surface of the skin. It will be pasted and will repel water and beauty ingredients. It is also essential to know the nature of the oil. Highly hydrophilic oils can be identified by whether they mix with water.

Argan oil is used as a booster oil because it is a highly hydrophilic oil, and the stearic acid contained in argan oil has the effect of catching water and soaking it into the skin. Also, because it includes a lot of vitamin E, it can be expected to have an antioxidant effect. Therefore, it is an oil that many people take in for anti-ageing, such as spots and wrinkles.

It is easy to use it. Take a drop or two of oil in your hand, warm it lightly with your palm and then apply it all over your face. At this point, be careful not to put too much on it. No matter how hydrophilic the oil is, it will repel water if it is applied too much. Also, keep in mind that excess oil can be just as irritating to the skin as excess sebum. It is important to have the right amount.

After that, moisturize with lotion and serum, and cover with milky lotion and cream. It is easy to dry in winter, so if you finish the skincare with cream, the moisturizing effect will be maintained. Even if you usually use only lotion and milky lotion after washing your face, you should add oil and cream in winter. Oily cosmetics create a moisturizing veil similar to a skin oil film. It prevents the evaporation of water, protects the skin from external stimuli, and also has the effect of softening it, so it is indispensable as a measure against dryness in winter.

Precautions for skin care

The biggest key to protecting your skin in winter is not to let your skin dry out and keep it moisturized at all times. Some people wonder if it is better to avoid double-face cleansing to prevent dryness, but in reality, makeup stains cannot be removed entirely with just a cleanser, and washing your face twice with a cleanser will damage your skin. There are many cases where it ends up. Be sure to use a combination of cleansing and washing pigments even in winter. However, using too strong cleansing or washing pigments on dry and sensitive skin will accelerate dryness and rough skin. Make sure to choose a mild cleansing and non-greasy cleanser that will remove makeup in a short amount of time and is gentle and gentle.

Also, keep in mind that do not over-moisturize; moisturizing your skin is very important, but overdoing it can cause more damage to your skin. Excess oil becomes food for indigenous bacteria on the skin and overgrows, causing acne and redness. That is why you should apply the appropriate amount according to your skin condition.

Skin care because it’s winter

Since winter is a harsh environment for the skin, the skin’s age may increase at once. To survive the winter with trouble-free skin, be aware of the skincare methods unique to winter. If you feel dry or rough skin, it is essential not to leave it alone but to identify the cause and take proper care.

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