Why do you want to sleep when you are full?

Why do you want to sleep when you are full?

Many people should have the experience of wanting to sleep when they are full, especially after eating lunch. This could have a negative impact on the productivity of the afternoon job. So, why do you want to sleep when your stomach is full? Is it possible to avoid drowsiness?

According to Live Science, fluctuations in blood sugar levels could be one reason people prefer to sleep when full, Claire Shortt, a nutritionist at FoodMarble and chief scientist at the Irish health tech company FoodMarble said.

Short stated that eating high-sugar foods can cause blood sugar to rise and then drop very quickly. A sudden drop in blood sugar could lead to burnout.

Hormones can be one reason people feel tired after eating. People can produce large amounts of serotonin after eating. This hormone can make people happy, but it also has side effects.

Short explains that serotonin is important for our moods and sleep cycles. You may feel tired if your levels increase after eating.

According to a study published by the journal Sports Medicine, serotonin has been linked to fatigue for a long time. It is well-known to cause listlessness and sleepiness, which can lead to fatigue.

Salter stated that people fall asleep more often after eating tryptophan-rich foods like cheese, eggs, turkey, and tofu. This is because tryptophan (an amino acid) is involved in serotonin production.

She said that people with food allergies, intolerances, or a condition called Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), can feel tired after eating. Your doctor should be consulted if you suspect that you may have SIBO.

How can you avoid feeling sleepy after eating? Salter recommends that you eat high-fiber meals with meals to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent feeling sleepy after eating. You should also limit how many meals you eat. Too much can cause digestive problems that can lead to fatigue and lethargic feelings.

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