With the arrival of the winter season, concerns about their skincare increase in people’s minds, especially those who have dry skin.

People use different skincare products on their skin, but sometimes these skin care products do more harm than good to us.

What is your skin condition in winter

In winter, the skin is exposed to harsh environments due to indoor drying, low temperatures, low humidity and heating.

Whatever happens to your skin in winters is due to a lack of moisture and nutrition. Moisturize your skin more.

Skin care order

For winter skincare, it is recommended to perform cleansing, face washing, booster oil, lotion, serum, milky lotion, and cream in this order. .

After gently cleansing and washing your face, booster oil can be used to soften the skin and enhance the effects of subsequent lotions and serums, so be sure to take it in.


The biggest key to protecting your skin in winter is not to let your skin dry out and keep it moisturized at all times.

 People avoid double-face cleansing to prevent dryness, but in reality, makeup stains cannot be removed with just a cleanser, and washing your face twice with a cleanser will damage your skin.

Be sure to use a combination of cleansing and washing pigments even in winter. However, using too strong cleansing or washing pigments on dry and sensitive skin will accelerate dryness and rough skin.

Make sure to choose a mild cleansing and non-greasy cleanser that will remove makeup in a short amount of time and is gentle and gentle.

Also, keep in mind that do not over-moisturize; moisturizing your skin is very important, but overdoing it can cause more damage to your skin.

Excess oil becomes food for indigenous bacteria on the skin and overgrows, causing acne and redness. That is why you should apply the appropriate amount according to your skin condition.