Many people want to wash their stuffed animals but are always afraid of cleaning them. Suppose you want to wash your stuffed animals but are anxious about the possibility of washing the item at home.

In that case, we'll describe the criteria used to determine whether it is washable with care without damaging the color or texture and how you can dry it then dry.

Although the stuffed animal is beautiful, it can accumulate dust and turn into an ideal habitat for mites and mold, just by putting it in place.

First, verify the washing label to see if it can be cleaned. If it has a "washable" mark, you can wash it at your home.

check the washing display mark

Stuffed animals that cannot be washed

– Things that fade – Too big stuffed animals – A stuffed animal with a machine inside – Old – Leather and real fur are used – No knowledge about the material

How to wash stuffed animals in the washing machine

What to prepare

Laundry netFashionable neutral detergentSoftenerSoft brush

Use washing machine

1) Put the stuffed animal on the net 2) The course is the most gentle washable course using "neutral detergent"

3) Before dehydration, take out the stuffed animal, wrap it in a towel and put it in the net. 4) Dehydrate 5) Dry