How to wash hats? Can the hat be machine washed?

But before that, we have to take care of many things like which material the hat is made of; whether it is washable or not, it is crucial to check its tag.

Most people like to wear hats because it saves us from the scorching heat and protect us from the sun's UV rays. But some of us want to wear it as a fashion also.

How to distinguish between washable and non-washable hats?

If you are concerned about dirt or odors on your hat, first check if you can wash it.

You can wash your clothes in the washing machine or by hand if you prefer to wash them at home. Wash your hat with care, as you do not want it to lose its shape.

An easier way to wash a machine-washable hat is to use a washing machine. But, if you dry it in the washing machine, it can easily lose its shape.