We will see some benefit and disadvantage of self study. And learn some effective way which can help our self study. 

Is self study inefficient?

Many people may think that studying on their own will not produce results and be inefficient. However, self-study is rather efficient if it can be customized well.


1. You can learn at your own pace 2. You can learn in an order that is easy for you to get into your head 3. You can choose the teaching material that suits you

4. Because you do not ask four people, you will have a habit of thinking for yourself 5. Gain the ability to self-evaluate

How to self study?

1. Choose the teaching material and study method that suits you 2. Do not study at full power suddenly. Do a preparatory exercise for study

3. Continue to search for tips for studying that suits you 4. Do not plan your goals and study too carefully 5. Read book repeatedly 6. Review on the same day

7. One study time should not be too long, but it can increase the frequency of study 8. Maintain a good learning environment

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