People cannot clean their fish tanks properly due to their busy lives, which is not good for the fish inside the tank. 


To clean your fish tank, you need tools like a brush, sponge, an algae scraper. Don't use previously used tools which you used for other house works.

For a New Tank

For a new fish tank, use hot water, white vinegar, and a sponge. After washing, fill the tank and leave for 2-3 hours. If no leakage is found, you can use it.

Cleaning old tank

Use a brush or magnetic scraper to clean off moss and dirt. Landscapes placed inside also build up layers of algae. Soak them using 10% bleach for 15 minutes then wash them. 

Chose a better filter

Many people use a cheap filter or the one which they got while buying the fish tank. Always use the better one for a good result. In the article, I have explained in detailed

Clean the filter

Before cleaning the tank filter, we have to understand the principle and structure of the filter. Then we should clean it. For a complete guide, read the full article.

Disinfect the fish tank

After some time the internal environment of the tank gets dirty and infected. In order to disinfect you can use potassium permanganate solution.

Try cleaning every week or once every two weeks

In an average aquarium, we should clean it once in 1-2 weeks. For less than 25 cm or less than that, do this once in 3-7 days.