People often think the washing machine is clean simply because it has been washed with detergent and water.

What causes the washing machine to get dirty?

Additionally, the lid is usually closed. If you use hot water or a dryer, moisture can easily accumulate.

High temperatures and humidity are the best things for germs and molds. If the conditions are favorable, mold and germs can grow in your washing machine.

However, the machine gets dirty every day and can collect dirt, water stains, detergent residue, and other contaminants.

Types of cleaning agents used to clean the washing tub

It is vital to wash the laundry tub at least once per month to prevent the growth of black mold, which can cause laundry to smell bad.

We will discuss the differences and benefits of the three main detergents for washing the tub.

Chlorine bleach Oxygen bleach Baking soda

How to clean a washing machine?

1. Remove small parts and wash 2. Wash the washing tub 3. Wash the washing pan 4. Wipe the entire washing machine with a towel