Teeth whitening tips: How to whiten teeth at home?

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Tips

Teeth Whitening tips: how to Whiten teeth at home? In the minds of most modern people, a snow-white smile is an indicator of health and success. At the same time, many are convinced that artificial whitening is harmful to teeth, and life after it is associated with a number of restrictions. Is it really? And is it possible to get the smile of your dreams without sacrificing your health?

Those who wish to have white teeth face many challenges. The services of professional specialists are quite expensive, and the procedure itself can be harmful. Whitening kits that are purchased in the store are not cheap, and there is no certainty in their effectiveness.

Many methods used for whitening have one main drawback – they damage tooth enamel, increase the sensitivity of teeth, and make them weaker. But there are many ways to whiten your teeth at home using natural products. Such an approach is not only beneficial, but also not fraught with danger.

An additional advantage of this approach lies in the fact that it is used more often than professional sets, and the time spent on the procedure is much less.

Causes of enamel darkening

Tea, coffee, drinks with dyes lead to darkening of the enamel over time. It is safest to perform whitening procedures at the dentist . But if you really want to have a beautiful smile without resorting to the help of professionals, you can try one of the home whitening methods.

The shade of enamel is influenced by many different factors, most often it darkens due to the following reasons:

  • Poor oral hygiene and plaque buildup
  • Smoking
  • Abuse of tea, coffee and other drinks with coloring substances
  • Rinsing the mouth with solutions containing chlorhexidine
  • Use of iron supplements in liquid form
  • Caries
  • Demineralization, erosion and other enamel defects
  • Treatment with tetracycline antibiotics
  • Tooth depulpation
  • Fluorosis
  • Tooth trauma
  • Age-related darkening of the enamel
  • Genetically determined dark shade of enamel
  • Usually, tooth discoloration is caused by a combination of several factors, so an integrated approach is important in matters of whitening.

Can you whiten your teeth yourself?

To date, there are systems for professional whitening at home. They also use gels with oxidizing agents, but their concentration is much lower.

Therefore, to obtain an effect comparable to whitening in the doctor’s office, you will need at least two to three weeks. You must first consult with your dentist to make sure there are no contraindications and choose the best method of whitening.

To perform it at home, you will need caps – removable polymer plates for applying a bleaching drug. Mouthguards must be made individually from an impression to ensure an exact fit to the surface of the teeth and even distribution of the gel.

Universal caps do not provide such contact, which is why the gel gets on the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth, causing burns.

How can do teeth whitening at home?

Home teeth whitening is indicated for patients who do not have dental diseases and want to whiten the enamel by several tones. The whitening process at home can take from one week to a month. It is important to consider this and not expect results immediately after the first use of a bleaching agent.

This method is suitable for patients who are disciplined enough and can set aside a certain amount of time for the procedure every day. Home whitening is not carried out during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for patients who have allergic reactions to the composition of whitening preparations.

Popular home teeth whitening methods

The most common methods for whitening teeth at home are the use of special whitening systems with trays or the use of whitening strips. Special whitening pastes, powders, pencils and other devices can also be used. All of them are not safe, and in some cases can be harmful to health!

If you need a truly effective method of teeth whitening, contact dentistry, and do not experiment with your health and do not throw money away on dubious products.

How can you whiten your teeth without harming the enamel?

Two main substances are used for home bleaching – hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. In order not to harm the enamel, they are used in minimal concentrations, which are sufficient for whitening. For hydrogen peroxide, this concentration is 3-6.5%, and for carbamide – 10-22%.

You can also whiten your teeth without harm to enamel using hardware methods in a dental clinic:

MethodFeatures of the
Mechanical cleaning Air FlowThe surfaces of the teeth are treated with water and a special cleaning powder, supplied under pressure. If a person smokes a lot, drinks coffee and other coloring drinks, then after professional cleaning, enamel lightening will be noticeable.
ultrasonic cleaningEffectively removes plaque. The color of the enamel does not change.
PhotobleachingThe whitening composition is activated by the light of an LED lamp, it is possible to lighten the enamel by 10 tones.
Laser whiteningOne of the most modern methods, the whitening gel is activated by a laser beam. Allows you to get a stable result and brighten the enamel by 10-12 tones.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Consider several methods on how to clean your teeth at homeso that their whiteness looks natural and the shade roughly matches the whites of the eyes. 


This tool can be found in every home, because it is with its help that spoons and teapots are cleaned. Nothing bad will happen if soda takes place on a shelf in the bathroom. It is part of many pastes, acting as a natural bleach. 

It is enough to mix ¼ tablespoon of soda with water, dip the brush into the composition and brush your teeth. A gradual but gentle whitening will begin. 

Strawberries and apples 

How can you whiten your teeth if you don’t have a toothbrush at hand? A well-known method is apples. In addition, malic acid is found in strawberries, and thanks to this, the berry naturally whitens the enamel. But this method has one peculiarity: strawberries must be eaten without leaving them on the teeth. The fact is that prolonged exposure to acid gives a negative effect. 

Salt water rinse 

Not a bad way to care for gums, as salt creates a natural antibacterial environment. If you are looking for a way to whiten your teeth at home without harm, take one teaspoon of salt, dissolve it in a glass of boiled water, cool it and rinse your mouth. Soon the enamel will begin to gradually whiten. 

Hue tracking 

White foods contribute to an attractive smile – rice, chicken, fish, etc. Include them in the diet and remember that you “paint” the enamel with colored foods, so it is recommended to rinse your mouth after eating them. 

Electric brush 

Dentists claim that it removes significantly more plaque compared to manual, and cleans more correctly. 


The structure of hard cheeses is able to clean plaque from tooth enamel. In addition, the product contains a sufficient amount of calcium, provides a firming effect. In this regard, another recommendation from doctors on how to whiten teeth at home without harm is to drink milk. 

coconut oil 

Often the enamel darkens from the foods we eat. Doctors advise using coconut oil for rinsing (a tablespoon for one procedure). The enamel is protected from staining and sticking of small particles of products, bacteria are removed from the gums and enamel. 

Special Kind of Products 

There is a certain category of food that works like a cleaning sponge. One example of how you can whiten your teeth at home is popcorn, the rough edges of which clean the enamel well. Only popcorn should not contain sugar, and after eating it, it is recommended to rinse your mouth. 

Chewing gum 

It mechanically removes food residues, stimulates the separation of saliva, which neutralizes the acid contained in the products. Chewing gum is chosen without sugar content, and it should not be chewed for a long time. 

Whitening pencil 

One of the options is how to whiten your teeth quickly at home. The pencil is a thin tube filled with whitening gel, with a brush on one of the tips for easy application. 

The pencil is compact in size, fits easily into a woman’s handbag, and is considered an ideal solution for whitening enamel. It is enough to apply the gel, and the smile will become much more beautiful. 

Toothpaste with whitening effect 

If you want to effectively whiten your teeth at home, use this paste instead of a simple one designed for brushing your teeth. 


It removes darkening from the enamel, eliminates deeply stubborn stains. Some of these systems are sold in pharmacies, but their sizes are far from suitable for everyone, the mouth guard is pressed badly, the gel gets on the gums, irritating them. It is best to order the manufacture of such a mouth guard from a dentist and use it no more than twice a day for one to one and a half weeks. 

The opinion of the dentist-therapist

If you want to whiten your teeth at home, today there are methods for every taste and budget. However, we always draw the attention of our patients to the fact that it is best to do this procedure under the supervision of a physician. Proper preparation for whitening, professional oral hygiene, caries treatment are necessary conditions for obtaining a good result. 

Whitening with folk remedies is yesterday, and besides, it greatly harms the enamel. In cases where home whitening is ineffective for a patient, we offer alternative methods performed in our clinic.

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