How to wash hats? Machine-washed or hand-washed?

How to wash hats

How to wash hats? But before that, we have to take care of many things like which material the hat is made of; whether it is washable or not, it is crucial to check its tag. Otherwise, the condition of the hat can be terrible.

Most people like to wear hats because it saves us from the scorching heat and protect us from the sun’s UV rays. But some of us want to wear it as a fashion also. But it can also become messy due to excessive use or some other reason. If you use it on a daily basis like that, you will be worried about sweat, odor, and dirt.

So how do we take care of it? So today, we will learn how to wash our hats properly.

How to distinguish between washable and non-washable hats?

If you are concerned about dirt or odors on your hat, first check if you can wash it.

Check by looking at the washing label

The washing label on your tag can help you determine if it is possible to wash at home. You can wash items with a washing machine mark or “hand wash” sign at home. You cannot wash your washing tub at home if it is marked with a cross.

Check the material

To see if the material is washable, you can also check it. You can wash cotton, knit, polyester, and leather. However, you cannot wash leather, synthetic skin, felt, fur, or leather.

Check for discoloration

Some hats can become discolored if washed. Make sure to check your hat before washing it. This will prevent your hat from becoming damaged. Use a small amount on the back of your hat to apply a detergent solution. Refrain from washing your hat if it changes color when you wipe it off with a white cloth.

How to wash hats?

How to clean a hat? You can wash your clothes in the washing machine or by hand if you prefer to wash them at home. Wash your hat with care, as you do not want it to lose its shape. An easier way to wash a machine-washable hat is to use a washing machine. But, if you dry it in the washing machine, it can easily lose its shape. To absorb water, use the same process as hand washing.

How to wash your hat by hand

Use a push wash or soak-and–wash to clean your hat gently. After removing any water, squeeze the hat to make it lose its shape. You can wrap it in towels and absorb the moisture.

Things to prepare

  • Fashionable neutral detergent
  • face wash
  • towel

Washing procedure

  1. Put lukewarm water in the washbasin to make a washing liquid in which a fashionable neutral detergent is dissolved.
  2. Put on a hat and gently press and wash.
  3. Gently scrub your heavily soiled areas with your hands.
  4. When the dirt is removed, change the lukewarm water in the washbasin 2-3 times and rinse well so that no detergent remains.
  5. Put it in a towel to absorb the water. Use a towel on the inside of the hat to absorb the water.

How to wash in the washing machine

It is best to use a towel to remove water from a washing machine. If you’re dehydrating in the washing machine, take a minute or two to keep it in shape.

Things to prepare

  • Fashionable neutral detergent
  • Laundry net

Washing procedure

  1. Turn the hat over and put it in the laundry net.
  2. Choose a gentle washing course such as the “hand washing course” and wash.
  3. Put it in a towel to absorb the water. Use a towel on the inside of the hat to absorb the water.

How to dry a hat

After removing any excess water, dry it in a well-ventilated area. You can prevent your hat from losing its shape by wrapping it in a towel or rolled paper. It’s also good to dry the hat with a colander of the correct size. It may stretch if you wear a knit hat. If so, lay it flat. If you dry it with clothespins, it may leave marks.

What to do if mold is found?

Mold that grows in hot, humid and dirty places. Hats, which tend to leave sweat as they are, are very easy to mold.

If white mold develops, wipe it off with a cloth dampened with alcohol, then add oxygen bleach and wash.

In the case of black mold, it is necessary to put it on. First, apply bleach directly to the mold. When soaking, dissolve oxygen bleach in hot water of about 40 degrees in a washbasin and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then rinse with running water.

If you have black mold on a hat that you can’t wash, it’s better to consult a dry cleaner instead of dealing with it at home.

How to care for a non-washable hat

Take care of your unwashable hat so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Care for hats made of natural materials such as straw

Natural materials such as straw hats or Panama hats cannot be washed with soap and water, making sweat stains a problem. To clean a hat made out of natural materials, follow these steps.

Care procedure

  1. Brush with a hat brush to remove dust and dirt that has entered the mesh.
  2. Remove dirt by tapping it with a damp towel that has been wrung out tightly. The slippery part is easy to get dirty with sweat, so wipe it off especially carefully.
  3. Drain with a dry towel.
  4. Shape it and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place. Before long-term storage, dry in the shade on a sunny day to remove moisture.

* If the material is sensitive to water, we recommend wiping it off with a dry cloth instead of using a wet towel.

How often do you care for your hat?

It is recommended that you use it at least once per month to be a guide

You should be able to wash your clothes regularly if you are active in sports, if your child is in school every day, or if you sweat a lot. It’s okay to wash your clothes less often than you use them. Next year, you will be able to use it again.

It is important to regularly clean and maintain items that are not washable with water.

Care for felt hats

Use a soft horsehair brush to gently brush the hair flow (hair flow) for dust-prone feelings. The hair flow is generally counterclockwise, so make sure you brush counterclockwise. Felt is very sensitive to water, so you should use as few wet towels as possible to clean it, except for slippery areas. Dry it well with a damp towel. Animal fibers, such as felt, are susceptible to being worm-eaten. Be sure to dry the towel thoroughly. When storing, it is a good idea for you to use insect repellent.

Care for Leather material

  1. Wipe off the dirt with a lightly damp towel.
  2. Take a thin layer of leather cream and let it blend into the whole.
  3. Dry in the shade.

Care for fur hats

Fur is a delicate material, so basically, you can’t wash it at home. Ask a dry cleaner if you are concerned about dirt or if you need to clean it before changing clothes.
For daily care, gently tap to remove dust so that the hair is not strained. If it gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth and let it dry in a well-ventilated shade. When storing for an extended period, add insect repellent to prevent damage from eating insects.


Even a hat that looks clean may have invisible stains on it. Dust is likely to adhere to the surface, and sweat, sebum, foundation, etc., tend to adhere to the inside, so take care of it diligently.
Special care should be taken not to collect dirt on hats made of non-washable materials. If you are sweaty, choose a hat that you can wash at home as much as possible.

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