How to wash an electric blanket? Precautions when washing

How to wash an electric blanket
If the electric blanket has either a “washing machine” or “washing tub” mark, you can wash it at home. (Photo/pixabay)

Nowadays electric blanket is present in everyone’s home. They are very comfortable and warm, which protect us from the cold. But after repeated use, dirt accumulates on it, which needs to be cleaned. But how to wash an electric blanket? Because this is not a normal blanket, which we wash like any other blanket.

I will tell you in this article how you will wash the electric blanket with the help of a hand and washing machine. I will tell you the washing method in detail and tell you whether the electric blanket is washable or not, what precautions you should take while washing, how to dry it and store it for the next season.

1. Can electric blankets be washed?

Before washing the electric blanket, you have to check whether your blanket is washable or not.

There are surprisingly many electric blankets that can be washed

Many electric blankets these days are washable. Sweat can soak into electric blankets, and if left untreated, mites and mold may grow. It may cause an unpleasant odor. Don’t leave it unclean, and clean it regularly with the correct washing method.

However, some electric blankets cannot be washed

Some old electric blankets cannot be washed. Parts that should not get wet need to be removed, so it is important to check the instruction manual carefully.

2. What is a washable electric blanket?

Remember how to tell if your electric blanket is washable.

Check the laundry display

If the electric blanket has either a “washing machine” or “washing tub” mark, you can wash it at home. When the word “hand wash” or the mark “hand in the washing tub” is used, it means that you can wash your hands. In either case, if there is a “x“, it cannot be washed with water at home. If there is a cleaning mark, let’s go for cleaning. If you cannot judge by looking at the washing label, check the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Laundry symbols are old and new

There are two types of laundry signs, “until November 30, 2016” and “after December 1, 2016“, and the old and new are still mixed. Since the types of icons have changed, it is important to understand the differences correctly so that washing will not fail. It is posted in detail on the Consumer Affairs Agency website, so be sure to take this opportunity to check it out (* 1) (* 2).

Check the upper limit of liquid temperature and drying method

The washing label contains various information along with how to wash. For example, if there are numbers such as “30” and “40“, it is the upper limit of the liquid temperature used for washing. In addition, the possibility of tumble drying and how to dry (drying) may be written. There are old and new washing labels mentioned above, so check in advance.

Be sure to check the instruction manual

This article explains the general method of washing electric blankets that can be washed, but the appropriate washing method and precautions may differ depending on the manufacturer and product. In addition, the parts that should not be wet and how to remove them also differ depending on the product. Therefore, be sure to check the instruction manual, and if there is any description, please follow it.

3. Precautions when washing electric blankets

Even an electric blanket that can be washed by hand or in a washing machine can cause troubles such as malfunction if it is washed incorrectly. You should also understand the precautions when washing electric blankets.

Be sure to remove parts that are not waterproof

As you can see from the instruction manual, be sure to remove non-waterproof parts such as the control panel.

Do not use the dryer in principle

Applying high heat from the dryer to the electric blanket may cause problems with the wiring and connectors. As a general rule, you should not use a dryer for electric blankets because it may lead to a malfunction. It is safer to dry it naturally.

Avoid drum-type washing machines as much as possible

It does not mean that you should not wash in a drum-type washing machine, but the electric blanket may be damaged because the laundry is lifted and struck. If the wiring or connector is broken or damaged, it will lead to a failure, so make sure that it is not prohibited in the instruction manual.

Dehydration is very short

Dehydration for a long time may damage the electric blanket body. Since the risk of twisting the wiring due to G being applied is not zero, set the dehydration time very short when washing in the washing machine.

Be careful not to wash too much

Even a washable electric blanket will be damaged if washed repeatedly. If it is a little damp or dirty, take care of it daily. Dust and hair can be vacuumed, and shade drying can prevent moisture and odors. It’s also a good idea to put a cover on it to prevent getting dirty.

4. How to wash electric blanket | When washing by hand

I will explain how to wash the electric blanket. First, wash your hands.

What to prepare

  • Fashionable neutral detergent
  • A washing tub large enough to hold a folded electric blanket, etc.

Let’s prepare these. If you don’t have the right laundry tub, you can use a bathtub. However, the electric blanket may also get dirty if the bathtub is dirty, so wash it in advance.

How to hand wash an electric blanket

  • Remove unwashable parts
  • Fold it in four so that the dirty side is on the outside
  • Pour lukewarm water into the washing tub and dissolve an appropriate amount of fashionable neutral detergent.
  • Soak an electric blanket and wash it by pressing it about 20 times.
  • Rinse 2-3 times while replacing lukewarm water until no foaming occurs.
  • Drain the water by hanging it on the edge of the bathtub
  • Dry and dry completely

Push-washing is a washing method that repeats “pushing,” “floating,” and “pushing.” Let’s refrain from rubbing together. Also, when using lukewarm water, keep the upper limit of the liquid temperature written on the washing label. If it is very dirty, you can soak it in the washing liquid for a while and then push it to wash it.

It is NG to squeeze tightly by hand

The electric blanket after hand-washing contains a lot of water and is soaked. You will have to drain the water to some extent because you cannot carry it to the drying area as it is, but at that time, refrain from squeezing it by hand. This is because there is a risk that the wiring will break. Use a rod to dry it in the bathroom or hang it on the edge of the bathtub until it is drained to some extent.

5. How to wash electric blanket | When using a washing machine

Next, I will explain how to wash an electric blanket using a washing machine. It’s basically the same as normal laundry, but there are some points to keep in mind.

What to prepare

  • Fashionable neutral detergent
  • A laundry net large enough to hold a folded electric blanket

Prepare the above. If the laundry net is too big, it will play, and the washing liquid will not reach enough if it is too small. Fold it in four so that the dirty part is on the outside, and prepare a laundry net that fits perfectly.

How to machine an electric blanket

  • Fold the electric blanket and put it in the laundry net
  • Put it in the washing machine and set a fashionable neutral detergent.
  • Start by choosing a weak water flow course such as “handwashing.”
  • Dehydration should be set in a very short time, such as 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Take it out, shape it and dry it.

The point is to choose a weak water flow course such as “handwashing,” “soft,” and “fashionable clothes.” Also, dehydration should be limited to about 1 minute at the longest. If you cannot set the dehydration time, please stop it manually, even if it is troublesome. In addition, please think that this 30 seconds to 1 minute refers to “the time after the rotation at the time of dehydration starts to stabilize”.

6. Correct way to dry and dry the washed electric blanket

How to dry and dry the washed electric blanket is also important. If the wet state continues for a long time, germs will propagate, and an unpleasant odor of dryness will be generated. Since the dryer cannot be used, how to dry efficiently.

“M-shaped drying” is the basic in a well-ventilated shade

If you do not specify shade drying, you can dry in the sun, but we recommend shade drying in this paper. Set two clothes-drying rods parallel and hang an electric blanket across them. The electric blanket that comes between the clothesline and the clothesline hangs down, and when viewed from the side, it looks just like the letter “M“. Since the area exposed to the wind increases, it becomes easier to dry.

If you want to dry the room, it is efficient to blow the wind with a circulator etc.

If possible, use a circulator or a fan to blow the air when drying the room. It should dry faster than it should.

7. Care when not washing the electric blanket

As mentioned above, the more often you wash, the more easily damaged the electric blanket. Laundry is essential to keep it clean, but you should also focus on regular care to reduce the number of times.

Dry in the shade on a regular basis

Dry it in a well-ventilated shade on a regular basis, such as once a week to remove moisture.


If you are concerned about dust or hair, vacuum it. You can use a general vacuum cleaner, but if you have one, we recommend using a bedding-specific one such as a futon cleaner.

How to remove stains?

Wipe off the dirt with a cloth that has been moistened with water and wrung out tightly, and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place. If you have a detergent for electric blankets, it is recommended to use it.

8. Correct storage of washed electric blankets

Electric blankets that have finished their role this season will be stored for a long time until next season. Take care to prevent mites and mold from growing during storage.

How to store electric blankets

First, as introduced in this article, wash it by hand or in a washing machine and dry it completely. If you can confirm that it is dry properly, let’s take it in. Next, put it in the bag at the time of purchase or a non-woven fabric bag with good ventilation, and store it in a closet or closet. You want to avoid places where moisture tends to accumulate as much as possible, but if you want to go to the back of the closet, try to prevent moisture from accumulating, such as by laying a drainboard.


Electric blankets can be kept clean if they are properly washed and cleaned daily. What kind of washing method is suitable depends on the product, so first check the washing label and check the instruction manual. It’s more delicate than clothing, so you need to be careful when handling it, but to keep your electric blanket clean, be sure to know the correct washing method.

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