How to self study? Is it efficient? What are the benefits?

How to self study

Many people are wondering, “I’m thinking of studying on my own, but how should I proceed on my own?” Not only students but also working adults will need to study for work and qualifications. There are times when I have to study on my own because there are no people around me to teach me. Those who are studying at the Cram School will eventually have to go out into society and study alone. So, how to self study? This time, we would like to introduce “5 points for studying efficiently by self-study” for those who have such “worries about studying by themselves.”

Is self study inefficient?

Many people may think that studying on their own will not produce results and be inefficient. However, self-study is rather efficient if it can be customized well.

However, self-study, which should be efficient, can become inefficient because it is difficult to continue.

The results of your studies will not appear unless you continue to some extent, so it is meaningless if you are frustrated before that. It’s difficult to stay motivated by yourself. In some cases, the points to study are not held down, and you are just heading to your desk.

In addition, it is an advantage of self-study that you can customize the study contents by yourself, but it is undeniable that a poor study plan may be far from the efficient study.

Benefits of self study

What are the benefit of self learning?

Many people may feel uneasy about self-study, such as “Is it really good to study by myself?” “In short, studying in your own way, but can you really pass the exam?” Of course, it is not suitable, but self-study also has advantages.

Self-study has its disadvantages, but if you can take advantage of it, your studies will progress, and you will be able to establish the most efficient study method. The merit of self-study is that you can customize everything from study content to time and place.

You can learn at your own pace

The speed of understanding and the order of understanding vary greatly from person to person. Some people only take a week to understand the same, while others take half a year. In general, people who can understand the same content in a short period of time may be considered better. However, the speed of understanding is different from the fact that you understand better.

You can learn in an order that is easy for you to get into your head

The order in which you study to make it easier for you to get into your head also varies greatly from person to person. For example, some people may find it easier to get a visual explanation first, while others may find it easier to get an overview first. If you are self-taught, you will be able to know what pattern you understand and adopt a study pattern that suits you.

You can choose the teaching material that suits you

As with merit 2, the teaching materials are compatible with you. If you are self-taught, you can proceed with your studies using the materials that suit you.

Because you do not ask four people, you will have a habit of thinking for yourself

Many people think that it is better to have an environment where they can ask questions to the teacher at any time so that they can tell us what they do not understand or what they have stumbled upon. At first glance, self-study methods that have no one to ask questions may seem disadvantageous. However, “I can’t ask anyone” means that if you turn it over, you will be forced to think for yourself, and you will naturally acquire the ability to think for yourself.

Gain the ability to self-evaluate

In the case of self-study, there is no teacher who checks the progress and understanding of one’s learning and evaluates oneself, so one has to check the progress and evaluate oneself. This may seem like a disadvantage, but since you don’t have the opportunity to be evaluated by others, you can’t achieve your goals unless you evaluate yourself, so you naturally have the power to evaluate yourself.

How to self study?

Choose the teaching material and study method that suits you

Have you ever been told the same story by a different person and said, “I didn’t understand from Mr. A’s explanation, but I understood well when Mr. B gave a similar explanation”? In fact, it’s not just the question of “good or bad about the person’s explanation.” The cause is that the “way of understanding” differs from person to person. For example, some people find it easier to understand when explained with visual effects using figures and graphs, while others find it easier to understand when explained logically in sentences. The compatibility of the explanations is also an important factor in deepening the understanding of what you have studied. This applies not only to direct explanations from people but also to books and paper.

Often, I don’t feel depressed, saying, “I’m crazy because I don’t understand at all when I listen to a popular teacher’s class …” “I didn’t understand at all when I read a famous book …” Is not it. If you bought a five-star book from an Amazon review and read it, but it didn’t sound to you at all, you might wonder, “I wonder if I’m something wrong.” However, even if you adopt a method with a good reputation around you and you still don’t understand it, you don’t have to be depressed because each person is compatible. It’s not that I’m inferior in my understanding; it’s just that my “how to understand” and “how to explain the other person” don’t match.

It means that I also have a unique “way of understanding.” There is a big difference between studying and not studying after understanding “how to understand yourself.” If you have the opportunity to choose your own reference books and textbooks, compare a few similar ones. It is better to choose a reference book or textbook that is compatible with you so that you can think that it is “easy to understand” and “you can study with this book.”

Do not study at full power suddenly. Do a preparatory exercise for study

For example, even if you enthusiastically start a diet with “-10kg within a week!”, It won’t last very long. If you are enthusiastic from the beginning and set a goal that is too high, you will always fail. Self-study is a long-term battle. To continue studying for a long time, it takes a certain amount of preparation time to know the study method that suits you. Many of you who read this page are studying with clear goals such as “I want to pass the exam” and “I want to pass the school of my choice.”

Even if your ultimate goal is clear, you need time to understand how you understand and the pace of study that suits you and make a plan. For example, suppose your goal is to pass the exam instead of studying with a thick reference book. In that case, you can read and compare various reference books that suit you and think, “If this is the case, you can read and study repeatedly.” It’s better to find the one that suits you.

Continue to search for tips for studying that suits you

Does anyone think that studying for a long time will make you smarter? Certainly, it will take some study time to acquire a certain level of academic ability. However, that is not the case when it comes to “does my academic ability improve if I study for a long time?”

For example, the results can be obtained at the same time are different between those who continue to practice basketball shooting practice without being conscious of the form at all and those who practice with the consciousness of trial and error as to what kind of form is good.

Studying is the same, and just by thinking about “how can I understand it easily” and “how can I learn more,” it will be easier for me to learn the tips for studying that suit me.

For example, consider studying history. Each person has a different method. When reading books on various study methods, some people memorize by making full use of puns, while others think theoretically about the relationship. I think there are good and bad points for each, but I think the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you.

Do not plan your goals and study too carefully

Does anyone like to set goals and plans in detail? Various study books often say that “study plans should not be too detailed.” If you make a detailed study plan, you will feel like you have achieved about half of your goals, and your subsequent actions will be diminished. And if you don’t follow the goals and plans you have set, you may lose motivation.

It’s rare for someone to be able to set their goals exactly as they are. Achieving the goals you have set is important, but more important than that is to deepen your understanding. Even if you can’t set goals and plans, it’s a good idea to think that it’s something like that and set it up comfortably, which is the key to long-lasting self-study.

Read book repeatedly

Almost any study method book says that once you read a book, you should read it more than once. Repeated reading makes it easier to remember the contents of the book. Also, the important part is a lot of explanation. By reading the same book over and over again, the content of the important parts comes to mind without drawing markers or lines.

Review on the same day

Whether you are studying online courses or reading textbooks yourself, be sure to review and organize your notes on the day. Doing so will help consolidate knowledge. This may seem cumbersome, but it does not take up much time. Review helps to transfer the content stored in short-term memory to long-term memory.

One study time should not be too long, but it can increase the frequency of study

Don’t think of learning as a marathon. You need to divide the learning content into several parts and learn one part each time. After a short break, learn the next part. This can avoid the situation where the concentration of the computer or the book is reduced for a long time. After the rest, you will find it easier to absorb knowledge. Although duck-filling learning seems to be able to learn a lot of content in a very short time, short and frequent learning strategies are more effective learning methods.

Maintain a good learning environment

Self-study also requires a good learning environment. Prepare a writing desk and plan a study area. You will find that it will be easier for you to enter the learning state.

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