How to get white skin? 4 ways to get white skin

How to get white skin

How to get white skin? There are many people who want white skin. It may be tempting to wonder if it is possible to whiten your skin. It would be best to eliminate skin conditions that cause the skin to become darkened. These are four ways to achieve beautiful white skin.

Can you have white skin?

You will have a strong desire to get white skin, but is it possible? Because most people who wish to get white skin, this question often comes to their mind “is it possible to get white skin“? So let’s see the answer to this question.

If you improve your skin condition, your skin will become brighter

Darkening of the skin can be caused by skin conditions such as sunburn, spots, freckles and dullness. Therefore, by improving the condition of the skin, it will naturally return to bright skin.

Avoid getting sunburned to prevent it from turning black

Even if you continue to take care to get white skin, there are cases where it does not turn white easily. This is because we have not been able to deal with the causes of darkening of the skin, such as sunburn and rubbing. The production of melanin pigments under the influence of UV rays and friction makes the skin dull. In addition, if turnover is delayed due to the effects of aging and lifestyle-related disorders, melanin pigment that cannot be completely discharged will be deposited on the skin.

If you want to get white skin, thoroughly prevent sunburn and rubbing. To prevent sunburn, you need to use sunscreen cream and parasols, hats, and UV-blocking innerwear. It is also important to review your face-washing method to prevent friction and refrain from scrubbing and excessive peeling.

People with dark skin can be difficult

The skin can indeed be whitened, but it cannot be whiter than the original color. In other words, it is difficult for people with dark skin to get white skin.

Why skin gets darker? Causes of darkening of skin

Why does my skin turn black? Let’s take a closer look at the cause.

Melanin pigment

Melanin pigments are produced from melanocytes when the skin is rubbed or exposed to UV light. It prevents stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and friction from entering the inside of the skin. If melanin pigments are not produced, UV light can adversely affect DNA and increase the risk of skin cancer. As you can see, melanin pigments are not necessarily bad.

Melanin pigments are excreted by skin turnover, so you don’t have to worry about spots or dullness right away. You can prevent dark spots and dullness by thoroughly washing your face and improving your lifestyle in order to adjust the turnover.

Ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays cause burn-like symptoms on the surface of the skin. This produces melanin pigments that deposit on the skin and darken it. Sunburn will improve after a while, but if you have a strong sunburn, a large amount of melanin pigment will be produced, which may cause stains and dullness because the discharge cannot keep up.

Dullness due to dryness and rough skin

When the skin is dry, the texture is disturbed and uneven. The shadows of the unevenness make the skin look dark. In addition, when rough skin occurs due to chemical substances in the air or sebum stains, melanin pigment is produced along with inflammation, which may result in dullness.

When the skin becomes dry, the barrier function deteriorates, making it easy for the skin to become rough. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures against dryness to prevent dullness and rough skin. Causes of dry skin include lack of water, excessive cleansing, sunburn, and dry air.

You will be able to prevent dryness by dealing with all the causes of dry skin and not lacking daily skincare.

4 ways to get white skin

Then, I will introduce four carefully selected methods to lead to white skin.

Use whitening cosmetics

Whitening cosmetics contain ingredients that suppress the production of melanin pigments and promote their reduction. Whitening ingredients include vitamin C derivatives, tranexamic acid, hydroquinone, and ellagic acid. There are ingredients that suppress the production of melanin pigments, ingredients that promote reduction, and ingredients that have both effects. The type and amount of each product varies depending on the cosmetic product.

Daily use of whitening cosmetics will lead to less spots and dullness due to melanin pigments.

Do not neglect UV protection

No matter how much whitening cosmetics you take care of, you will not be able to whiten your skin if you do not have UV protection. The point of UV protection is to diligently reapply sunscreen. Sunscreen creams run off with sweat, so even those with high SPF and PA values ​​need to be reapplied. Also, incorporate multiple items such as hats, sunglasses, parasols, arm covers, and UV-cut inners to block UV rays thoroughly.

Ingest nutrients that are effective for whitening

Nutrients that are effective for whitening are nutrients that suppress the production of melanin pigments, promote reduction, and suppress lipid peroxide generation by antioxidant action. This includes vitamin C and vitamin E, lycopene, and vitamin A.

Consciously eat vegetables, fruits, fish, and shellfish to get a good balance of nutrients effective for whitening. Red peppers, tomatoes, almonds, strawberries, kiwis, etc., are rich in nutrients that can be expected to have a whitening effect, so it is important to eat them once a day.

Adjust your daily rhythm (sleep, exercise, avoid stress, etc.)

Arrange the turnover to promote the excretion of melanin pigment. Turnover requires growth hormone, which is abundantly secreted during deep sleep and proteins and vitamins. Also, the nutrients need to be adequately delivered to the skin by the blood.

Get a good night’s sleep and get into the habit of exercising moderately to promote blood flow. Excessive stress causes blood vessels to constrict and reduces blood flow. It is difficult to prevent stress completely, so be aware of diligently releasing it.


In order to lead to white skin, it is necessary to continue taking nutrients that can be expected to have a whitening effect and taking care with whitening cosmetics while preventing UV rays, friction, and dryness. It will not be whiter than it should be, but you can regain the whiteness of your skin by habituating whitening care. First, check if the cause of the darkening of your skin is hidden in your daily skincare and lifestyle.

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