How to diet properly? 13 tips to keep your diet on track

How to diet properly

How to diet properly? Almost everyone who want to stay fit or decides to lose weight goes on a diet. Now there are a lot of recommendations on nutritious food, or its restrictions.

Many diets have two unpleasant consequences. The first is the return of excess weight after the diet is stopped. This is especially common after rapid weight loss.

The second consequence is much more serious: the human body begins to suffer from a lack of various irreplaceable elements that it is not able to synthesize itself in the right amounts.

The result of many diets are hypovitaminosis, beriberi, chronic dehydration and micronutrient deficiencies. The selection of a diet should occur individually depending on age, gender, physique and metabolic rate. The diet is unique for each patient, so you should consult a specialist for recommendations.

What is diet?

A diet is not only a short-term measure to get rid of a certain amount of excess weight, but also a way to consolidate the result, improve health. In this case, a healthy diet becomes part of a lifestyle. It has been proven that long-term diets are much more effective and safer than short-term diets. Proper nutrition is no longer perceived as a diet, it is becoming commonplace.

The principles and schemes of diet planning depend on the goals and individual characteristics of the organism. Often, to get rid of excess weight and the risk of gaining it again, it is just enough to limit the use of flour, fatty and sweet.

It also often helps to get rid of the habit of eating without feeling hungry. Emotional overeating or snacking on the basis of boredom cause the appearance of extra pounds, while getting rid of bad eating habits, the weight stabilizes.

Example of a diet daily routine

On average, there will be 5-6 meals per day. It is necessary to schedule the regime in such a way that every day there is at about the same time with equal intervals between meals.

  • Breakfast, from 7 to 9 am. This period is optimal for the use of carbohydrates, the body will have enough time to absorb them and use the energy received. For breakfast, you can eat an omelet with vegetables or porridge with fruit.
  • Lunch, not later than noon. Ideal time to consume liquid meals. It can be a light cream soup, vegetable or mushroom soup. Any lean first course or cooked in low-fat broth will do.
  • Lunch, from 13 to 15 days. During these hours, the body can still absorb complex foods, so the use of slow carbohydrates is acceptable. It can be cereal or whole grain pasta. If a workout is planned in the evening, then the protein component should prevail in lunch.
  • Afternoon snack, from 16:00 to 17:00. The saturation of the afternoon snack depends on the density of the lunch. If the daily meal was dense, then one fruit and a glass of kefir will be enough.
  • Dinner, from 18 to 20 hours. The last meal should be protein and take place at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. Suitable lean meat or fish, cottage cheese casserole, scrambled eggs.

13 tips to keep your diet on track

1. Say a firm NO to temptations

Stop buying chips and cakes to eat right, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones. Talk to them, just ask them to bring healthy food from the store. Just in case, check your kitchen cabinets. You will have to throw out everything that does not fall under the definition of “healthy food“. Turn your kitchen into a bastion of healthy eating.

2. Don’t Overdo Healthy Foods

Any overeating invalidates the very idea of ​​a diet. Remember that the “self control” rule applies to both high-calorie sweets and healthy foods.

3. Plan ahead

The good news is that any food has a place for hunger If there is an important event in the horizon, such as going to a restaurant that you can’t miss, try to have a solid meal before it starts. And create a training schedule for the day of the festival.

4. Adjust your breathing to the right rhythm

Before eating anything, take three deep breaths. This will help you not to pounce on food, but to start it calmly, which in the end will prevent you from eating more than you planned.

5. Eat at home

A “proper” dinner will work in a restaurant, but it’s harder to resist a cake with cream for dessert. In your own kitchen, it’s easy to control yourself and monitor your calories.

6. Stay away from happy hours

You don’t even know how to follow French fry and ice cream in a waffle cup when you see alcohol on the table. Yes, you need to abstain from alcohol to eat properly. But you can approach compiling your own menu in every sense with a sober head.

7. Bring lunch to work from home

This saves time, money and eliminates the temptation to hit the nearest stall for a hot dog or burger.

8. Understand yourself

Do you always eat a stress with a sandwich and anger with a bun? Analyze your psycho-emotional state before you pounce on food. It will help to clarify which emotions are causing food cravings and which are driving you into excessive addiction.

9. Sit down

The constant travel through the refrigerator to the buffet and back home can eat away at everything that comes to hand. You should sit quietly before lunch or dinner It is easy to sit down to make sure no extra items enter the stomach.

10. Schedule a date with a plate

Eating at the same time every day disciplines you and allows you to focus on what you put in your mouth. Turn off your alarm and focus on your plate.

11. Saving 10 minutes

Eat half your lunch or dinner, put your fork aside & pause for 10 minutes. After this, you can proceed for the remaining food. Imagine your surprise when you realize that, it turns out, half a serving is enough.

12. Take on a pencil

Can’t understand when the breakdown happened and what kind of snack was too much? Keep a food journal: you should record everything you eat in one day Keep it clear – at least for a week You will soon see where you have gone wrong, where you have left your weakness, and vice versa, you were a great fellow.

13. Feel sorry for yourself

Even if you stumble, try not to find fault with yourself. When it comes to changing the way you live your life, it’s important to support yourself in every way.

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