How to cook bacon in the oven without a rack?

How to cook bacon in the oven without a rack

How to cook bacon in the oven without a rack?

Crispy bacon is a favorite of many Americans. It’s delicious even if you eat it as it is, and it’s GOOD even if you use it as a secret ingredient to improve the taste of cooking!

You can say goodbye to grease splatters or hard-to-clean pans. Baking bacon in the oven can be done with ease.

Baked bacon may be healthier than the traditional skillet bacon, but it will still bring back happy childhood memories.

Baking bacon in an oven is a smart option for traditional pan-frying. This cooking method can be dangerous for those who enjoy the delicious aroma of bacon cooked on the stovetop. They may overcook the pan or suffer from burns from boiling grease and have to make do with a smaller space for other breakfast foods.

Crispy bacon is a great way to get your day started. Cooking in the oven makes your job easier and gives you more space and time to make French toast and scrambled eggs.

Types of bacon

There are types of bacon such as:

  • Regular Bacon
  • Thick Cut
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Baccon Warpped Veggie

Good news is that you can bake all kind of bacon in the oven.

How long to cook bacon in the oven?

It depends on the oven tempreture and what kind of bacon you are cooking.

Additionally, use the long end time ranges for crispy bacon and consider using a wire rack.

The short end is best for crispy bacon. As it cools, bacon will crisp up a little more.

How Long to Bake Bacon at Other Temperatures?

Oven TempRegular BaconThick Cut Bacon
325°F30 to 35 minutes35 to 40 minutes
350°F22 to 25 minutes25 to 30 minutes
375°F20 to 23 minutes22 to 26 minutes
400°F18 to 20 minutes20 to 24 minutes
425°F14 to 16 minutes16 to 20 minutes

Cooking bacon in the oven, instructions for use


  • Bacon (Amount of your choice)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Hob
  • kitchen tongs
  • Paper towels
  • A large plate

How to cook bacon in the oven?

Step 1

Arrange the bacon one by one on the iron plate with the cooking sheet so it does not overlap.

Step 2

How long to cook bacon in the oven?

Bake in the oven at 210°C or 400°F for 15-20 minutes or until crispy. Watch the oven from about 12 minutes to make sure the bacon doesn’t burn.

If you want even crispy bacon, Place a metal cooling rack over the foil lined pan and lay the raw bacon on it. This will allow the bacon to cook on all sides.

Step 3

After baking, take it out of the oven, put it on kitchen paper and let it absorb excess oil to complete it.

Step 4

The bacon oil left in the iron plate will be a secret ingredient that gives off a delicious and rich flavor when used in cooking.

Tips and points

It is best to have the iron plate slightly deeper than a flat one, as oil can be released.

Oil can be very hot. Take care not to burn your skin when removing the iron plate.

Depending on the thickness of bacon, cooking times may vary.

The background of this recipe

If you cook in a frying pan, the oil will bounce, and it will be hot, and there is a danger of burns, and cleaning will be difficult.

Cooking Bacon in the Oven without a Rack

A rack is not necessary, and it is entirely up to you. The rack allows for better air circulation, making crispy bacon easier. However, you can also put your bacon in the pan directly. For easy cleanup, line the pan with foil or parchment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Flip the Bacon?

You don’t need to flip bacon unless it is thick-cut. The oven’s even heat distribution is a benefit, as it cooks the bacon evenly without having to flip.

How to Make it Extra Crispy?

The most common cause of rubbery bacon is excessive heat. This means the fat doesn’t render properly before it is cooked, resulting in a chewy texture.

To get crispy bacon, heat slowly. This means you should heat the bacon slowly in a warming or cool oven rather than in a preheated oven. You should also ensure that the bacon is in one layer. Too much of it will result in less crispy bacon.

What to Do With the Bacon Grease?

Don’t toss the fat! Bacon grease can be used to replace butter or oil. To give potatoes a little extra flavor, I add a tablespoon to them before they are roasted. It can also be used to make lip balms, candles, and other DIY creations.

You can simply pour the grease into a mason container, cover it and keep it in the refrigerator for up to three months.

What to Serve with Oven Baked Bacon?

Oven-baked bacon is great with eggs, toast and pancakes as well as many other breakfast and brunch options. There are so many options!

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