How to choose the perfect dress for a plus size figure

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Girls with a full figure look chic. It is only important to learn how to deftly emphasize the merits of forms, masterfully hiding the flaws. Then visually, the silhouette will look harmonious and very attractive, which is more important for the representatives of the stronger sex than boring compliance with the boring standards of 90x60x90. Let’s understand all the intricacies of this issue and consider what styles of dresses for obese women are.

What style of dress to choose for full

When it comes to selecting the right outfit for her, the woman is driven by one standard the beauty in the outfit. The matter of comfort is pushed in the background. In the majority of sexually attractive, the primary factor is that it has to be beautiful.

Particularly, the selection of the style to be taken into consideration in relation to the full size. The most crucial factor is to take the features of your figure. How harmonious or disharmonious the silhouette appears, which parts of the body are attractive, and which can be concealed by the fabric or prints. From this, we should stay away. Take a look at the most popular alternatives and the most suitable designs of dresses in every case.

Full hands

What definitely should be hidden is full hands. Their owners will have to give up dresses with straps. Sleeves are a real lifesaver. You just need to choose them correctly because tight-fitting sleeves made of thin materials will not only not help but will also enhance the undesirable effect.

What sleeves will hide the fullness of the arms? Fortunately, there are a lot of such models, so there are plenty to choose from:

  • meek wide models that reach the line of the elbows are especially suitable for summer outfits;
  • classic ¾ sleeves are always a win-win option because they hide a full forearm, drawing attention to narrow and thin wrists;
  • long loose sleeves can be straight or slightly narrowed down;
  • long sleeves with cuffs or elastic at the bottom;
  • Bat sleeves, such models look very stylish and impressive.

Owners of full hands should remember that thin straps and the absence of sleeves are not the only taboos for them. It would be best if you also avoided playful lantern sleeves and models that reach the middle of the forearm. The main rule is that the problem area should be completely closed. So the image will be harmonious.

Dresses for obese women with a belly

One of the most common problem areas in the vast majority of women is a full stomach. With its presence, the silhouette cannot be called the standard of beauty. Even a small tummy completely kills the alluring waist and all the seductive curves. But you should not be upset, because you can choose a dress that levels the stomach and sides.

There are a sufficient number of stylish and trendy styles that allow you to hide a big belly discreetly. Favorites among them stylists call:

  1. A-line or A-line dresses – a loose cut in the abdomen and sides perfectly hides these problem areas, focusing on the upper part of the figure.
  2. Peplum dresses – peplum, located at the waist, ideally hides the stomach. Such dresses are suitable for both full ladies and slender girls with a pronounced tummy.
  3. Loose-fit wraparound models – this trendy cut has unique camouflage properties. The presence of drapery in the waist area is especially welcome. This stylish technique guarantees a stunning effect.
  4. Dress “balloon” – an outfit resembling a barrel in cut, approaches the solution of the problem in a complex way. He hides not only a full stomach and sides but also excessive volumes in the hips. This is a wonderful style for light summer outfits.
  5. High-waisted dresses – an accentuated high waist combined with a fluffy skirt- will hide the stomach perfectly. As for the length of the outfit, then focus on your legs. If they are slender and beautiful, then a mini is welcome, and if circumstances require you to hide them, pick up midi or maxi.
  6. Dresses with a low waist – models with a low waist against the backdrop of a free top will also be a real salvation. Batwing sleeves are the perfect complement to this style.
  7. Shirt dress – trendy shirt dresses with a straight, free cut perfectly level out a poorly defined waist and tummy. For a corrective effect, you need to wear them without a belt.

A very successful accent, diverting attention from a full belly, will be a V-shaped neckline that catches the eye of the bust. Asymmetric inserts in the waist area are also welcome, especially if they are made diagonally or X-shaped.

But what definitely should be avoided is fitted, tight-fitting models. They not only do not decorate the figure but, on the contrary, highlight all the flaws. 

Full thighs

The problem of many women is “heavy hips”. Especially the silhouette looks disharmonious if they are combined with narrow shoulders. Such a figure is called a “pear”. But she has a huge plus – if the waist is thin enough, the silhouette looks feminine and extremely seductive. The main thing is to correctly place accents, focusing on the upper part of the figure, in particular, on the chest.

A win-win choice for a lady with full hips will be a dress with a levelled transition from the waist to the bottom. This way, you can avoid the contrast difference. Among specific styles, stylists advise choosing:

  1. Dresses with kimono sleeves, wrap models look especially advantageous.
  2. Dresses with an accentuated waist and a wide, light midi or maxi length skirt.
  3. Dresses with a high waist and wide skirt. This option will perfectly hide the fullness of the hips and a poorly defined waist.
  4. A classic sheath dress with a free cut with a fitted silhouette will emphasize the elegance of the forms.
  5. A dress with an asymmetrical top is a great choice for an evening out and a special occasion.
  6. A loose fit wrap dress is always a great solution.
  7. A dress in a retro style is perfect for slender girls with plump hips.

 Emphasis on the chest will help to make a deep neckline. It should have a V-shape. Especially this advice should be heeded by ladies with gorgeous breasts. It will also save the voluminous decor on the bodice, pockets, bows.

You should avoid tight-fitting dresses and models with an asymmetrical skirt, flounces and pleats at the bottom. Such details will only add unnecessary volume.

Full legs

Legs are one of the most seductive parts of the female figure. And if their volumes do not quite meet the accepted standards of beauty, you should not be upset, but look for dresses that will skillfully hide this flaw.

In this case, the bet must be made, of course, on a good length. The mini, especially in its extreme manifestations, will definitely have to be abandoned. If the calves are beautiful, you can leave the length just above the knees. But in most cases, an elegant midi or feminine maxi will do.

From the styles are perfect:

  • shirt-dresses with a length slightly above or slightly below the knees;
  • fitted models of dresses with a loose but not fluffy skirt;
  • multi-layered dresses – models with a shorter dense base-lining and an upper part of a free cut made of mesh, chiffon;
  • dresses with an accentuated waist and a loose skirt.

It is very important to find a balance in the volume of the skirt. For girls with full legs, tight-fitting models that clearly emphasize obvious flaws and too loose skirts are not suitable because they will make the silhouette bulky. The most successful solution is a model that repeats the outlines of the figure but is not adjacent to it.

You should definitely take on board a few more secrets:

  1. Heels will help stretch the legs and make them more slender visually; they should not be a thin hairpin but a stable heel.
  2. Dresses in which the top is light, and the bottom is dark visually level out full legs.
  3. Tights to match the dress and shoes will make the legs more sophisticated.
  4. An emphasis on the waist or chest will divert attention from excessive leg volumes.

You should definitely avoid dresses with pockets, frills, folds and other bulky elements at the bottom of the outfit. The skirt should be concise and vertically stretch the silhouette. That is why no horizontal lines, tiered transitions are unacceptable.  

There are no universal tips that will help every curvaceous girl to choose the perfect dress. This issue must be approached purely individually, taking into account the parameters, height and color type of appearance.  

Small stature

We hasten to reassure everyone who believes that a full figure with a small stature is a sentence that makes the appearance mediocre and ineffective. With a proper selection of clothes, such a visual effect is easy to fix. And dresses with the right proportions will help:

  • high-waisted models – when the top of the outfit is smaller than the bottom, it visually lengthens the legs and makes the figure more harmonious;
  • laconic cut – multi-tiered models of a complex cut should be avoided, minimalist dresses without unnecessary decor will help to stretch the silhouette;
  • midi length – mini and maxi outfits should be avoided because they emphasize small growth, but midi will be just right;
  • dresses with short or long tapered sleeves – set the vertical dynamics;
  • Dresses with vertical recesses – beautifully outline the figure, hiding flaws as much as possible.

What short and curvaceous girls should definitely avoid are dresses made of shiny fabrics that mercilessly add volume. Also, thin materials that repeat the relief of the body will not work. The fabric must hold its shape. Large prints and any drawings located horizontally are not welcome. Only vertical lines are allowed.

Do not forget about the magical power of shoes with heels. Complementing a well-chosen dress, she will make the image perfect. 

High growth

The combination of high growth and magnificent forms can be beaten simply amazingly. It is enough to choose the right outfit. A successful dress, in this case, corrects the proportions and makes the silhouette more sophisticated.

The first thing to do is choose the right length. The optimal solution is that the skirt falls to the middle of the knees or is 5 cm shorter. You need to be careful with midi dresses with a narrowed hem. This is a very risky length with such a figure because it can inharmoniously “cut” the silhouette. A maxi will look advantageous if the outfit is made in rich and deep shades.

Perfectly adjusting the figure will allow a low waist in combination with a free-cut bodice. But a high waist is better to avoid. When choosing an outfit with prints, you should first look at models with not very large patterns. It is also important that they are not too contrasting in colour with the base.

Styles of a business dress for full

The office dress code is not a barrier to looking stylish and spectacular. This rule especially applies to girls with outstanding forms because they are so business style. Strict lines and high-quality fabrics transform the figure.

A classic sheath dress is a win-win solution that will allow you to look simply charming in the office. The absence of horizontal lines in the cut and the presence of vertical undercuts elongate the silhouette and make it more refined. Dark and muted tones are welcome. If your arms are a bit overweight, you should choose a dress with short sleeves or complement it with a jacket.

Wrap dresses with a length slightly above or slightly below the knees will “fit” perfectly into the working environment. They beautifully outline the silhouette, focusing on the most advantageous part of the body – the lush chest. At the same time, the limits of decency and dress code norms are respected. Also, trapezoid and shirt cut dresses are perfect for the office.

Among the general recommendations for choosing a dress for the office for overweight girls, it is worth noting:

  • semi-fitted silhouette – the style should not be too tight, but not too loose;
  • the length is slightly above or slightly below the knees – mini and maxi are best avoided;
  • noble dense fabrics are welcome, which are not translucent and do not emphasize all the curves of the figure.

Office and business style really suits curvaceous girls, so choosing a wardrobe for work will not be difficult. The main thing is to listen to the advice of stylists.

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of dresses for a full figure on the market, the cut of which is designed taking into account all the features. So you just need to study the unique features of your silhouette, decide which styles and models transform it, and enjoy the compliments from others.

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