How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services? USA

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services? Did you know that Consumer Services has the 3rd highest number of jobs available at a rate of 18.9%? Are you looking to pursue a living in the field of consumer service? This is an ideal job opportunity for those who want an easy-going, low-stress career with an opportunity to grow. Today, robots appear to be capable of doing everything. Humans are more efficient than machines in the service industry. At present, currently, there is a wide range of job opportunities in the field of consumer services, and the demand is growing daily.

Customer service jobs are popular because customers typically want a personal interaction with a person who is. But customer service is a broad concept. It covers a variety of different industries. Beginning with customer service to retail, hospitality, health care, and more. Plenty of possibilities.

Knowledge of products or services and communication are some of the essential abilities that are required in customer Service. You need to be friendly and patient too. For certain positions, you might need to be able to fix and diagnose problems or even make sales.

The majority of jobs required customer service. Indeed jobs that required the skills of a customer service representative accounted for around 14% of jobs in 2016 in the estimation of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Based on a profile analysis taken from BLS’s Occupational Outlook Handbook records, which states that in the current society, there is no distinction between a job in consumer services or any other job that pays a high salary. The remote field encompasses many typical services like receptionists in call centers, representatives from call centers, and technical support. Although there are many opportunities in the consumer service industry, certain are more likely to be employed than others over the next years.

This article will provide an inventory of the most sought-after jobs in the consumer services field. You’ll know everything you will need to know in order to be able to work in the field of consumer services and the types of jobs open.

Here are some jobs in which customer service skills are essential. These jobs are those that will increase employment or see an increase in the employment rate of up to 30% by 2021-30. Some earn more than $37,690. This is the median annual wage for all jobs in 2017.

What is Consumer Services?

Consumer services comprise a variety of jobs that provide services to customers, like taking care of complaints or giving guidance. There are a variety of types of services for consumers, such as items like banking, insurance and communications. It is reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the amount of jobs available in consumer services is predicted to increase by approximately 20% by 2024. This is due to the fact that the sector is growing faster than the economy and a requirement for more people to offer the services.

Consumer Services in the United States

The United States is a capitalist country with a high competition level within its market. The United States had more than 334 million inhabitants on July 20 2022. In addition, there is a nominal GDP of nearly $22.94 trillion.

The United States is also home to some of the world’s biggest and most influential corporations, such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. The country’s service sector makes up more than 70% of the country’s GDP and is the most significant sector of the economy.

The service sector encompasses many different industries, such as healthcare, transportation, tourism as well as financial services. As the economy continues to grow, increasing numbers of people are seeking jobs in the consumer services industry.

There are millions of jobs available in the consumer service sector. This includes positions in restaurants, retail stores, hotels and motels, management of hotels and restaurants, transport and delivery, as well as many other fields.

If you’re looking for a profession that provides a chance to be flexible and has a lot of potential and flexibility, then the consumer services industry could be the best option for you.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

Millions of jobs are open in the field of consumer service. Jobs in customer service are in constant demand as customers tend to prefer a more personalized experience with a real person.

This broad field encompasses many common jobs such as call center receptionists, front desk representatives as well as technical support. Although there are many jobs in the consumer services field, some have higher chances of gaining employment in the coming decade than in other positions.

Most popular consumer service jobs:

  • Telemarketer
  • Call center worker
  • Reseller
  • Customer service representative
  • Clerk/receptionist
  • Call Center Agent
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Concierge
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Front Desk Associate or Receptionist
  • Member Services Specialist
  • Patient Care Coordinator.

Here are 9 of the most common jobs available in consumer services:

Job TitleNumber of Jobs in the U.S.2020-2030 Job Growth Rate
Account Manager1,022,000+5%
Call Center Representative417,000+-2%
Bank Teller405,000+-12%
Technical Support Engineer333,000+10%
Customer Service Manager211,000+6%
Flight Attendant111,000+10%
Hotel Concierge8,000+0%
You can visit to get more details about various type of job details.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Job In Consumer Services?

If you’re looking for employment in the field of consumer service, You should have certain things in your mind. In the first place, you’ll require outstanding customer service abilities.

If you’re not equipped with the necessary interpersonal skills, then working in the field of consumer services might not be the best fit for you. This is a detailed explanation:

1. Skills And Qualifications

The first thing to consider when looking for a job within consumer services is your education and experience.

You should have the required expertise and knowledge for the job you’re applying for.

You must also consider whether the skills you have are compatible with the skills required in your position description.

2. Your Education Level

The higher your education, the more chances you’ll have to look for work.
If you don’t have a college degree, many jobs are still open in this area.

Education can be beneficial if you’re searching for something more specialized or more lucrative.

3. Your Field Of Study

If you have studied marketing or business in your school, it will make you more competitive in finding a job in consumer services.

But, if you have done studies in a different area, like engineering or accounting, these abilities may not be useful in searching for jobs in this sector.

Find out what kinds of skills employers look for when they hire employees before applying so that you can present yourself as someone with the skills they require before you submit your resume.

4. Personality Traits

The other thing to consider when looking for work in consumer services is your character traits.

It also determines how your personality is matched to the culture of your company and its environment.

For instance, let’s say you’re hoping to get into customer service. In this case, you will require outstanding interpersonal skills to ensure that you can easily communicate with customers and ensure that they feel comfortable speaking in your presence about concerns or issues, for example.

5. Location

Many companies prefer hiring someone closer to their home to save money on travel costs and lessen their carbon footprint by not having employees drive as often.

6. Salary And Benefits

The primary factors you need to be looking at when choosing your job are the pay and benefits. What is the average salary? What can you anticipate earning each year? Does the employer offer health insurance? What is the way your prospective employer treats employees? Are you satisfied with their policies regarding promotions and increases? Do they provide other types of benefits like paid for holidays, sick days, and holidays?

7. Work Enviroment

Do you agree with their policies regarding raises and promotions?

Are there growth opportunities within your company? Or are they a part of the company until retirement?

Are there any opportunities to advance within the organization?

How does the workload of an employee compare with other employees’?

Are there enough tasks to keep you busy, but not to the extent that they can become overly burdensome?

Type of Consumer Services

Chief Financial Officer

The business finance field requires constant experts, especially in the field of finance management. Chief Financial Officers will be accountable for financial planning and budgeting, and monitoring of an organisation’s financials. The positions typically require a mixture of accounting, business, and financial expertise that is very vast. The most important prerequisites for this position include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or an accounting degree and a thorough understanding of financial economics and markets.

Insurance Agents

In another industry in which expertise is preferred, insurance agents’ median income is lower than in other fields. This is because the majority of insurance firms require an amount of knowledge in the field of marketing insurance. Finding agents with that kind of knowledge can be difficult.

Full-time and part-time jobs are available, with some areas of the country having higher competition for jobs. The type of insurance you’ll need will vary based on where you work. However, local, state-specific, as well as federal health insurance and auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and travel insurance, is a great options to begin your journey in this industry.

Technical Support

Similar to technical support, financial business employees are typically employed by large companies. The positions typically require a mixture of accounting, business, and financial skills that are very vast.

They can also be called customer service jobs, and they can be found in online retailers, e-commerce websites, and other businesses that provide online products or services for sale to the general public. To get employment in this area, you must have an education in business administration or in a related field like managing business or accounting.

Hedge Fund Manager

Another example of a high-end business that has a high demand for professionals. They are companies that make long-term, investment-like bets in a global economy.

The positions will require the completion of a degree from a university and years of expertise in the field of financial management. The median salary for a manager of hedge funds is around $300,000 per year. This is a job with a premium salary which pays very well for an experienced professional employed in the field.

Customer Support

The name implies that the customer support staff assists customers in resolving issues with their purchases or service needs. This could be via email, phone calls, or any other form of communication. A good customer support skill is crucial for all companies of all kinds, particularly for start-ups that are just beginning to get up and up and running.

Finding work in this field is usually difficult because there aren’t many opportunities available to non-traditional workers, such as those who do not have the traditional 9-5 work. Excellent customer support skills are vital for companies to stay functional as they grow and expand since they can be the first indication of trouble in the form of poor service or lack of assistance following an issue that has been signaled to the business.

Private Equity Associate

Private equity may be a new area, yet it is undergoing rapid growth. The main purpose of the private equity fund is to buy companies and transform them into profitable companies. They can acquire businesses that are already profitable, or they might purchase businesses that aren’t making any money or are even profitable and looking to make a profit.

The funds are overseen by experienced managers accountable for the business’s overall health and its investors. To get the job you want in this field, it is necessary to have an MBA degree or in a related field, for example, finance or accounting.

Financial Software Developer

This is a top-quality field that requires a bachelor’s level degree and at minimum two years of work knowledge. As a financial analyst you’re accountable for the creation of software that is used to manage finances for the organizations that you are employed by.

You will be working with different programming languages, including C, C++, Java, or JavaScript. You’ll need in a position to consider critically and critically evaluate data to develop software that is effective and effectively utilizes money resources.

Private Equity Associate

The field of private equity is a new field, but it is experiencing rapid growth. The main purpose of the private equity fund is to purchase businesses and transform them into profit-making entities. The funds can purchase businesses that are already profitable, or they might purchase businesses that aren’t making any money or are even profitable and looking to earn a profit.

The funds are overseen by experienced managers who are accountable for the overall performance of the business and its investors. To get employment in this area, you must have an education in business administration or a related field, for example, the accounting field or management of a business.

Sales Representative

As with other high-end industries, sales representatives have an enormous need for specialists. They require an undergraduate degree and at least two years of relevant work experience.

In this role, you will be working for an agency for sales or a particular product or service. You’ll have to be able to communicate to clients, negotiate for your business, and close transactions. This top-end job is well-paying and offers numerous opportunities to go into it.

How many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services. Other more check list below

  1. Recruiter
  2. Event Planner
  3. Fundraiser
  4. Public Relations Specialist
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Telemarketer
  7. door-to-door Salesperson
  8. Car Salesperson
  9. Event Planner
  10. Recruiter
  11. Telemarketer
  12. Door-to-door Salesperson
  13. Car Salesperson
  14. Leasing Agent
  15. Property Manager
  16. Website Designer
  17. Graphic Designer
  18. Event Coordinator
  19. Recruitment Consultant
  20. Training and Development Officer
  21. Human Resources Generalist
  22. Human Resources Manager
  23. Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  24. Payroll Officer
  25. Executive Assistant
  26. Personal Assistant
  27. Office Manager
  28. Receptionist
  29. Data Entry Operator
  30. Accounts Clerk
  31. Customer Service Manager
  32. Sales Manager
  33. Marketing Manager
  34. Project Manager
  35. Business Analyst
  36. IT Support Technician
  37. Public Relations Specialist
  38. Social Media Manager


1. What other jobs can a customer service representative do?

There are a variety of jobs available in customer service, and you can work as an agent for customer service across a range of sectors. You could also be an employee of customer service at companies that provide services to the general public like telecommunications companies, airlines, banks, or airlines.

2. What do consumers services workers do?

A majority of the workers who work in consumer services offer customer service, manage transactions, or serve as a liaison between customers. They may work for an institution, department store, or telephone company. Most of these employees require at a minimum the equivalent of a high school diploma, and a lot of them hold degrees.

Jobs in the field of consumer services are typically extremely rewarding and offer excellent opportunities to advance. But, these jobs can be extremely demanding, and those working in this field usually have to work various hours.

3. What percentage of jobs are customer service?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since it is dependent upon the meaning of “consumer service.” However, the latest study conducted by the staffing company O*NET discovered that about 1/3 of the jobs available in the US involve customer service. This means that a lot of jobs are in demand in this field and a wide range of locations are available across the United States.

4. What degree is good for customer service?

There isn’t a clear answer to which degree is most suitable for customer service. But, many believe that a business degree or management is the most effective choice. These fields have a wealth of experience and abilities that will assist you in achieving excellence in customer service. You’ll be able to recognize customer needs and issues, develop strategies to deal with these issues, and maintain interactions with customers.


There are plenty of various jobs in the consumer services field, making it the ideal location to start your career. We’ve described several of the more well-known jobs in the field and offered suggestions for searching for the ones you want and then getting them. Suppose you’re looking to work as a customer support representative, credit analyst, or telemarketer of these positions. In that case, the ability to create a successful application for a job will help you make a mark in the market.

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