How to dress up for Christmas? 4 kinds of party dress

How to dress up for Christmas
How to wear for Christmas to have a festive atmosphere? (Pixabay)

Now that the global epidemic is re-emerging, all countries are ready to urge people to reduce going out and staying at home. The severe situation will cast a light on the upcoming Christmas holiday. Ash, the mood of celebration, seems to be no better than in previous years; the days for sighing are also a lot more.

Although this year is going to end, in passing this blessing, daycare, proportionate and try to put on comfortable clothing, temporarily get rid of the haze of the epidemic, relieve stress, enjoy what once was happy and bright, even if You can only stay at home and celebrate this annual Christmas holiday with a joyful mood!

Christmas is a holiday in Western countries. Nowadays, the domestic Christmas atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Many people will send greeting cards to each other on the day of Christmas costumes or put on beautiful makeup to go to the playground. Let’s see dress up for Christmas.

Family reunion, dinner party

On Christmas Eve, people rushed home from all directions, reunited with their long-lost relatives, and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner. It seemed that all the worries of work and school could be forgotten. At this time, it is suitable to choose clothes that are polite and comfortable. Knitted sweaters with loose bottoms can be said to be the first choice.

Although the sweater is ordinary, it is not easy to make mistakes. When the weather is cold, you can also wear warm clothes. The soft vision allows you to add a casual and casual sexy; if you are worried about being too frivolous, you can tie a thin belt around your waist to modify your body shape and make the fabric. Hanging naturally on both sides of the body, it looks casual and solemn.

As for the lower body, it can be matched with tight pants. The upper and lower widths can make people feel “energetic” while creating a slender visual proportion. If you choose loose trousers and long skirts, you can have no fabric during long family gatherings. Restrain your legs and secretly create maximum comfort for yourself.

If you think this kind of match is too monotonous, you can buy a statement necklace with exaggerated style and complicated details during the shopping mall holiday specials, so that ordinary sweater dressing can also show your unique personality and taste.

Friends gathering, happy partying

During the Christmas holidays, you must have a good chat with your friends or organize a party with a large group of friends. Although this may not be possible this year, an online video game may also be a good choice! If you are undecided about what to wear, you might as well propose a “Christmas color dresscode” to everyone to add fun to the party.

When it comes to Christmas colors, it is definitely the red of Christmas flowers, the green of Christmas trees, and the white of snow. If you want to stand out among friends, you can try the Scottish plaid, which is a pattern suitable for festivals, and red and green happen to be the most classic colors!

A little ingenious Scottish style woolen suit with stockings, short boots, and a leather bag to enhance the momentum, exquisite jewelry, and a small embellishment with gold shining like stars, perfectly expressing the atmosphere of Christmas and becoming popular The focus of attention!

Lovers’ date, candlelight dinner

The snow outside the window, the Christmas lights on the street flickering, the house is bright and warm, the two facing each other, sipping a sip of mulled wine in the candlelight. This is probably the ideal Christmas in love, such a romantic scene; the clothes should naturally match well.

If a man wants to surprise his girlfriend, he can consider putting on a casual-style suit jacket on his shoulders. The overall shape and texture will be improved immediately. The trousers choose not a complete set of suit pants or other casual styles such as classic pants and jeans. The sweater should be the scene.

For outerwear, women can choose warm and thick woolen coats, fluffy shawls, etc.; when they enter the house, they can transform into a gorgeous coat as soon as they take off their coats. The skirt (A Maxi Dress), covered with small sequins, is full of festive feelings and reflects each other with the Christmas lights. No extra decoration is needed to make you the only brilliant star in the eyes of lovers.

Holiday alone, pajama party

Coping with colleagues and supervisors at work on weekdays, shopping and chatting with friends after getting off work, and facing a large number of people every day, do you occasionally feel socially bored? Why not spend Christmas alone at this time!

Without seeing anyone, you can wear the most comfortable pajamas all day long. If you have childlike clothes, it would be great, with a pair of cute furry socks and slippers, as if you are returning to your innocent childhood and finding the right Christmas The simplest expectation and happiness of festival.

If you still feel cold, pick a warm blanket or a large nightgown to wrap yourself up, make a cup of steaming tea or coffee, eat icing cookies, and play a favorite nostalgic movie. Lazily lying alone in pajamas, doing nothing but very satisfying, is definitely the best choice for your Christmas holiday!

Common Christmas dress you can wear

Christmas sweater

In winter, sweaters must be the first choice for the C debut. The upper body is not picky, and it is warm and generous. Through model demonstration, we can find that the color of the sweater is red and green, plus various other colors matching small embellishments; the lower body can also choose a skirt or pants, which are very ladylike and cute.

Red is the standard for Christmas. If you add a few small snowflakes, it will be full of cuteness. A sweater with a super Christmas atmosphere. The embroidery is also a very delicate design, which is very suitable for snowy winter~ Overall, It’s pretty girly. It’s cute and cute. This is a loose-fitting version. No matter what body you are, you can control it well. The shoulder-dropped version is also very lazy and beautiful.

This kind of striped style is very festive. This year’s array of elements is very popular. The thick double-knit sweater will bring you the warmth of the coat. The red background is set against the white crochet flowers, which are not only white but also white. Don’t pick people; you can wear it alone, and the inner outfit is also very gentle and cute. The little elk pattern is also very girlish.

Christmas skirts

The types of Christmas dresses can be divided into two types, light familiar and cute, but these two types of the upper body are not picky, very style.

Although the skirt on the left is not the main color of red, the cute design of the cake skirt is still very Christmas. The goose yellow is also the sign of the vitality girl. Girls who want to be intellectual and elegant can choose the style with a waist on the right.

The must-have item for partying must be a super cool short skirt. The very positive burgundy is super eye-catching. The leather fabric of this small skirt is too shiny, but it is not so exaggerated. It can also be matched on weekdays. A beautiful single product that combines fashion and beautifulness. It reflects the sexy and wildness of the girl very well. The version is also very crisp and has a sense of design.

Everyone knows that velvet items are on fire this year. This dress is full of palace style, unique bronze buttons and six-pointed star pattern design is very French, suitable for some girls who like light and dark style, puff sleeves The style adds some cuteness, the design of the small stand-up collar is also beautiful.

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