3 Basic Steps of Skincare: Have you done the right skincare trilogy right?

The three basic steps of skin care: cleansing, astringent, and moisturizing. 
Have you done it all? 

Since the beginning of civilization, skincare has always been regarded as a ritual. Today, daily cleaning for skincare seems to be a necessary process rather than enjoyment, but our relationship with cleaning and bathing is far more than sanitation and sterilization. This is an opportunity to clear up the mood, and it is also a self-relaxation to enhance body consciousness. Using natural ingredients to maintain the skin can maintain health, maintain vitality and beauty, and bring ever-changing sensory experiences.

1. Clean

3 Basic Steps of Skincare
The first step of maintenance starts with washing your face (Fotolia)

The face needs to be cleaned twice a day in the morning and evening. Washing your face can remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt, makeup, and other unclean things and cleanse pores. The cleaning procedure is supposed to be a gentle, calming experience that most senses can fully experience.

Daily night cleaning

Choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin condition, and pair it with essential oils that can strengthen and soothe it, such as rose, frankincense, clary sage, lavender or Roman chamomile, which are suitable for every type of skin.

Go quality deep layer of clean

Your skin is spread with millions of dead cells every day. Exfoliating removes these useless cells from the surface of the skin, leaving a clean skin with reduced fine lines. Exfoliating can also stimulate the production of new skin cells. You should exfoliate twice a week and then apply a moisturizing mask or serum to the skin.


Mask to do with the deep layer of clean

Facial masks are a more active way to detoxify, moisturize and repair the skin. The dry matter, usually in the form of mud or powder, is combined with the liquid to work. A vanilla-based mask can be used once or twice a week, preferably at night when the skin is more absorbed.


Applying a mask should be a luxury and enjoyment. Find a quiet place and apply the mask on clean, exfoliated skin. You should feel the silky softness, and the mask should dry or be set within ten to twenty minutes. Then wash off with warm water, and then apply lotion and moisturizer.

2. Convergence

Astringency is an important step in skincare. Astringent (makeup) water can continue the cleaning process and remove any remaining dirt. The lotion can also moisturize, moisturize, refresh, and restore the skin’s pH balance, creating a new canvas to moisturize.

There are two types of solutions used for convergence:

  • Toner: Water-based, suitable for dry skin. Some lotions may contain alcohol, and many brands of lotions also contain glycerin. Hydrolat (please see below) can be used as a lotion by itself or as an ingredient in a water-based lotion.
  • Astringent: This solution is a more potent lotion, suitable for oily or mixed skin. Astringent contains more alcohol, and sometimes witch hazel or apple cider vinegar may be added.

What is Hydrosol?

Pure dew (also known as essence or flower water) refers to the distillation process that produces essential oils and finally produces scented water. The hydrosol itself can be used as a lotion, and it does not contain alcohol. Some manufacturers add alcohol to their formulas, which means that their products are not true hydrosols.

What is Hydrosol?

Morning convergence

After washing your face, use a gentle morning lotion suitable for your skin condition, which can moisturize and protect the skin and balance the skin’s pH that day.

Convergence in the afternoon or after exercise

The skin will produce the maximum amount of oil at noon. To control the accumulation of sebum, use a pure lotion-based lotion to wet the face, then pat until it is absorbed and dried. After exercise, spray with lotion to refresh the face to prevent sweat from clogging the pores and turning into acne.

Convergence before bedtime

The skin does not produce too much oil at night as it does during the day, so it is relatively dry. At this time, avoid using strong, pure lotion-based lotions and exclusively use water-based astringent formulas. If your skin is particularly oily, use a milder hydrosol lotion, such as an alcohol-free witch hazel hydrosol.

3. Moisturizing

The last step of a general skincare routine is moisturizing. All skin types need to be moisturized in the morning and evening. Moisturizing can protect, condition and moisturize the skin. Choosing a moisturizer suitable for your skin condition is very important for maintaining skin balance.

General, mixed or oily skin moisturizers should be based on gels or refreshing base oils, such as apricot oil, grape seed oil or jojoba oil. For dry skin, use a base oil that contains a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil.

Day moisturizing

Use a day moisturizer after cleansing and astringent. If you want to apply makeup next, remember to wait a minute or two for the skincare products to absorb before starting the makeup procedure.

Night moisturizing

At night, the pores will expand more than in the morning, so it is suitable to use products rich in antioxidants and nourishing ingredients. After cleansing and tightening the skin, apply night serum and cream. Regardless of your skin type, please use a refreshing formula. Do not use products with high oil content to allow your skin to breathe well at night.

Get the ideal healthy skin with correct skin care

To enhance the beauty of skin care, it is better to follow the correct procedure and method. Understanding each role and taking care of the skin according to the skin type and purpose is the shortest way to make beautiful skin. Get the ideal skin with proper base care. If you understand the correct skin care method and the effective order, you can get the ideal beautiful skin with skin care more than ever.

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